Reid’s reading rainbow

One of Carol’s high school friends recently posted how she’s drawn to the bookshelves of news commentators broadcasting from their private homes and apartments. I confess to the same nerdy curiosity. I also confess that I almost exclusively read ebooks, and my “library” of bound books has shrunk dramatically over the years as a result of multiple moves.



Books are People Too

Fortunately, I entered widowhood as an avid reader. In fact, reading is my preferred social activity. With simpatico writers like Peter Mayle (breezy and wry) and Paul Theroux (self-deprecating and intelligent), their books provide all the companionship I seem to need in these first months without Carolyn. I tend to get into a jag with an author and read multiple books by him or her before moving on. It’s as if they’ve come by the house for an extended visit. It was that way with Bill Bryson a couple of years back. I miss him. Perhaps he’ll be stopping by again soon. My house is always open.