A happy New Year

January 6, 2020

Carol’s Lexus sold after Christmas – without a bow

Reporting back from an enjoyable holiday, and I can happily state that Carol did not buy me a Lexus for Christmas. I did not buy her one either. In fact, we are trying to sell the one she owns.

I frankly don’t know how I would’ve reacted if there had been a brand new Lexus parked in our driveway with a red bow wrapped around it. Who does this? Men with guilty consciences? Women who head drug cartels?

My new pedal bike is one sweet ride

In any event a $60,000 luxury car is not what I’m looking for at this stage of my life, and it doesn’t appear from the ads that the Lexus marketing geniuses are including me in their target demographic anyway. In fact, the ones in their apparent demographic don’t strike me as the type who have 60 grand lying around the house to blow on a new ride. Which means the pretty little bow wrapped around those new wheels comes with a monthly loan or lease payment. Now how is that a gift?

The part of Christmas I like the least is the gift giving. I’m not a scrooge by any stretch, but I am oblivious to what family and friends want or need. Trying to match my wants and needs to others is no good. For awhile there I didn’t even own a car. I pushed a grocery cart to and from the store across the street and had a senior bus pass. I was a cardboard box and a tarp away from living the life of the homeless. I was very happy.

Can’t wait until we’re out of wine (won’t have to wait too long)

But I’m also very happy here in Orange County, California, and not just because it went blue in the midterms. A car is a necessity here, because, well it’s California, and it’s the state that took to cars the way Louisiana took to crawfish. There is a bus system in Orange County. I started off using it. Carol and her family regarded me as some sort of eccentric mountaineer, I think.

But alas, it was not to be. The system runs, at least around here anyway, at something like 45 minute intervals, making it less of a bus service than a railway. Which would be fine if I were going to Anaheim instead of the Albertson’s or Great Clips.

Carol’s vibrant family is a gift that keeps on giving

Which brings me to my wonderful Christmas gift from Carol this year. It’s a very upscale grocery pushcart with sponge grip handles and a discreet black storage pouch. It’s beautiful. The one I had in Seattle made me appear destitute (especially on my way to the store when it was empty, and I was wearing my wool cap and my winter coat I got  from Goodwill). This snazzy upgrade, on the other hand, could look like I’m taking a grandbaby out for a stroll.

Together with a flashy red pedal bike that Carol found on a local online marketplace site, I can now circumvent the near non-existent bus service, and stroll or cycle to the grocery or my next haircut.

It’s starting off to be a great 2020.

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