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March 15, 2024

  Just a quick word that my comic novel, A Roomful of Monkeysis now available on as a Kindle download for the mere bag of shells of $5.99.

  Figuring you’d prefer to purchase from a site you’re more familiar with, I held off making this more shameless solicitation to part with some of your well-earned cash until you could get it on Amazon, where a full refund is theoretically possible but (I hope) still highly unlikely. Hah! 

  Just kidding. You could probably get your money back. But give the book a shot. You might actually like it. If you enjoyed my blogs, eh well, there’s no reason to think you’ll feel the same about Roomful. It’s a stream of unconsciousness story told by a totally deficient narrator. It’s as if The Marx Brothers, Keystone Cops and Monty Python were locked in a room filled with Monkeys, and the Brothers, Cops and Pythons escaped, leaving only the Monkeys and a typewriter. What are the possibilities?

  Look, for sure it won’t be the first time you threw 6 bucks away on a loser. (Remember the last FanDuel bet you made on that 4th quarter 49er comeback in the SuperBowl?)

But it could be your last.


So, if you want my monkeys in your room, click on the link below to buy.

A Roomful of Monkeys

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